Thursday, 28 April 2011

First Ever Sculpture Blog, break out the champers!

Well everything is still leading up to the new show, "Myth, Magic and Maddness" due to preview at the View Gallery Bristol in the Autumn. 3 of my new peices are ready to collect from the foundry and I'm a bag of nerves and excitment! This will be the first time I've used this company, having had a lot of trouble with my last casters, who were frankly the most unpreffesional bunch of wallies ever! I've opted to work with Castle Fine Arts who have workshops in several locations around the U.K, and I've only heard good things about them, so I've got everyrthing crossed. When you are trying to sell limited edition bronze and bronze resin sculptures they've got to be perfect. It's all a calculated risk, and in terms of the invested money, which is a fair whack, I try to think of it as monopoly money, and tell myself that it's about the art anyway, not just making money. All the images below are of the pre casted peices, just rough shots with dimensions for the foundry to quote from, it'll be interesting to compare the detail on these to the finished casts which will be in bronze resin.

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  1. Ooh look, I have popped your comment cherry! Fabbo blog, Clare. You have inspired me to resurrect mine, argh!