Monday, 12 March 2012

Ship ahoy!

Got the "Ship of Fools" back from the casters, and well what can I say, they did an awesome job, retained so much detail, I couldnt be happier. Currently working on new peice; "Siren" for forthcoming show with the incredible illustrators Mr Mead, and Damien Daly. It'll be another show curated by myself and I'm thinking "Social Deformity" as a working title, a play on social conformity. Got another "Blind Faith" out the door for a private client, I'm undecided as to whether I should have a mould made of it or not, we'll see? Got two London galleries looking at this show, but I'd love it to go to the U.S, such a thriving pop surrealist scene over there. I'm about to move to a bigger studio, which is very exciting, some big peices to come out soon, watch this space!! Once I've got through all the unpacked boxes aaarrrggghhh!

"Ship of Fools"
"Blind Faith Borne of Persistent Patience"