Thursday, 17 November 2011

Whats new

Well, the bristol show is over, it made me feel like I had actually broken through into the "real" art world whatever that is! It felt like a deserved break having been banging my head on the wall of many a gallery over the last few years. Standing around drinking champers and mingling with collectors, was a real buzz. Of course the real magic is in the making, a spark of imagination, followed by months of hard disciplined work, and then the payback when people actually seem to like what you've done and even maybe part with some dosh too!! Having made stuff all money from my work all year, I felt like I was holding my breath and I think I would have had to find soemthing else to do had I not made a bean. But faith and hard work do sometimes pay off. I'm currently working on two commissions post show and have added a couple of sneaky peeks at my latest work, "Ship of Fools" It'll probably cost me more to cast than I can possibly charge for it, its highly detailed and will be a bugger to mould. So hard finding good people to work with and good galleries, but View are a keeper!! I've also handed over some work to a new gallery, Imagine. The owner John Folley is a man who knows what he likes and has been hotly pursued by me. Some of the work he shows in his gallery is the best I've seen inside the U.K so I feel totally chuffed to have got through to him. Time will tell if it was worth the effort! As far as my sights go for next year, a solo of duo show would be amazing. Watch this space!