Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Finished Work for Myth, Magic and Madness

Well its been ages between blogs, and I've been guilted into it by a disgruntled follower!! The show "Myth, Magic and Madness" is live and kicking,  http://www.viewartgallery.co.uk/

This peice entitled "Blind Faith Borne of Persitent Patience", is hand painted ceramic, and sold at the beggining of the show.

   "Centaur" Hand painted bronze resin. I was really pleased with the amount of detail retained in the casting process, I still had to work on some areas, but pretty happy given the complexity of the moulds.

"King Midas and his Touch" Another bronze resin peice, with painstakingly hand painted panels.

"The Lonely King" Bronze resin, this needed the most amount of re-working after casting, as the detail on the puppet is so fine.

"Narcissus" my take on the classic Greek character, bronze resin and gold leaf.

 "Relic" oxided and lustred ceramic, a wall mounted peice, sold just afeter the opening.